• Kanjo Racing Door Plates

    All Kanjo racing door plates you’ve ever seen on photos from Japanese Streets and even those you haven’t

    Track Racing Plates
  • NGR Liveries and Designs

    No Good Racing Red Bull, Shark and Superman Liveries

    NGR Liveries
  • You and your friends are always welcome to our small shop (:

    Fuck those cheaply made items from shops with 1.000.000 items in stock – they ain’t know the game.

    We love illegal street and track Racing with all our hearts, Bros, and make our items and service extremely TOP quality only.

    Keep Kanjo Alive!


As an alternative to kanjostyle.com you may get all these items from our Kanjo shop on eBay.com.

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Items’ quality is just TOP, proved by our happy buyers 🙂

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Shipping works perfectly Worldwide to any country, except New Zealand. The packages are safe to recieve from our Store: we treat them carefully after manufacturing and before final packaging. Hope you all are safe, Bros :) Run Kanjo!! Dismiss