Item’s quality information

I’m not a manufacturer, I’m the Kanjozoku, so that’s why scale and proportions of all the items are strictly original Japanese and all the colors are deep and pleasant to look at.

Every item from our Kanjozoku shop is highest quality, just TOP make and nothing else.

Stickers: the surface is laminated and top-quality materials used only; no (!) paper stickers; any type of car washing, hot sun or cold temperatures won’t hurt the items – they will stay strong for ages. All the windshield banners are bent (arched) 2 degrees to fit the car’s windshield perfectly, that’s important.

Clothes: the surface is pleasant for the body and top natural (not synthetic!) materials used only.

Shipping works perfectly Worldwide to any country! :-) The packages are safe to recieve from our Store: we treat them carefully after manufacturing and before final packaging. Hope you all are safe, Bros :) Run Kanjo!! Dismiss